Saturday, January 5, 2013

WeepeeTV and VLC (2)

Created and weepeetv.lua (for use with vlc) is a simple screenscaper perl script (yes it's written in Perl and not in a cool language like Python or Ruby) which logs in on the WeepeeTV site and creates an XML containing the necessary m3u8 stream URLS.

This XML can be used to feed other applications on your local network e.g. for use with VLC (see weepeetv.lua)
The xml file format is as follows:
<?xml version='1.0'?>

To run the script change the variables on top of
## change these variables
my $ACCOUNT="uxxxxxx";
my $PASSWORD="secret";
my $CURL="/usr/bin/curl";
my $XMLFILE="wptv.xml";
my @sort=("een","canvas","bbc1","bbc2","acht","vtm","2be","vitaya","jim","ketnet","bbcentertainment","kanaalz","vtmKzoom,"tvllogosmall","livetv");

You can find the code on github


  1. Hi 42Wim,

    I tried your code, but it did not work. I got some errors. I started checking the source code a bit, and I assume that the format of the channels.html file changed.

    An example, for an img url that i have is the following : "img src="""
    I assume that it used to be different, looking at the regex.
    I am not an expert for Regex nor Perl. Could you confirm that this format is different as before ?

  2. Hi Filip, correct, they changed their html pages this weekend :-)
    Fixed now on github too