Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rancid 3.2 alpha + git

Rancid lovers rejoice, a 3.2 alpha version is released with (at least) 2 interesting features.

- Git support: based on the patch by jcollie.

But with a 'small' difference, not one repository for all the groups, but a repository per group.
Maybe fine if your starting from scratch, but for my situation I like the one repository setup of the original patch.

You can find the latest version with the original setup of one repository for everything, together with some other minor patches on

- WLC support: Now you can backup your Cisco Wireless Lan Controllers configuration out of the box. One patch less to maintain. Hurrah!

I'm running Rancid in a Docker setup, so upgrading and testing was quite easy.
No issues found yet with this version.