Friday, January 4, 2013

Android: things learned.

Things learned this past week developing Android apps:

- Cookies: A cookie isn't just a cookie, there are different RFC's which are apparently not implemented everywhere. More info on Cookiepolicy and in this Google search cries of developers trying to workaround broken cookies. Didn't really found a solution using the SDK, so went native and used good old curl

- SSL: Using self-signed certificates on Android is a PITA. (This is good for security ofcourse, but bad if you want to test something on your own development server). After googling and trying out a lot of different solutions, this one was the best/easiest: from Nagroid

- Android ports is a cool site if you want your android more unixy.

- waitFor(): Don't forget Runtime.getRuntime().waitFor() when running a lot of native apps sequentially :)

- namespaces: Java packages can't have numbers only in the subpackages, e.g be.42.myapp. Booh.

- DNS: Everything is a fscking DNS problem! :-)  DNS resolving for native apps only works when linked to Bionic libc. This doesn't seem to be the case for the stunnel from

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