Monday, January 21, 2013

New features added to WPTVdroid

New features recently added to WPTVdroid:

Channel guide (with current and next running show) added when you click long on the selected channel.

Channel preview, go to menu and select "Channels preview", this will briefly connect to every channel and will show you a screenshot of the current program. Just click on the screenshot to go to the selected channel.
(sometimes the screenshot will not be very clear/show artifacts.. haven't found a solution for this yet)
(this feature adds about 10MB to the WPTVdroid installation, if you don't have that much space don't use this version)

Downloads on

Any new features/ideas you would like to have added? Leave a comment or contact me @42wim


  1. Nice work !
    Is recording on the road-map ?
    Or XBMC Integration ?

  2. Er is niet echt een road-map :-) maar recording is voor mij interessanter dan XBMC integratie voor het moment.

  3. Wanneer komt er aan iPhone versie?

  4. Ik heb geen iphone (en wil dat ook niet hebben :-), via mij zal er geen iphone versie komen.