Friday, December 28, 2012

Invalid cookies on Android & WeepeeTV

I'm trying to build an android application that logs in on the weepeetv website and does the parsing/screenscraping directly on android.

Unfortunately, the weepeetv site is setting cookies with an incorrect Expire date.

Android does not like this.

W/ResponseProcessCookies(20386): Invalid cookie header: "Set-Cookie: snip; expires=; path=/; 
isSecure=false". Unable to parse expires attribute:

I've been trying to use different http implementations: HttpClient versus HttpURLConnection but to no avail.  

Nothing works.

So the only solution I found is doing the parsing on Linux, running a webserver with the parsed XML file and providing this to the android application. (or compiling curl for android, but this is too much work for now :)

This works.

The next challenge is actually playing those streaming files. (hint: https)

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