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WPTVdroid is a simple android application for viewing WeepeeTV streams.

Latest release here

Older versions

1.0.3: ssl proxy default disabled because latest MXplayer now support https by default (settings option to enable/disable it)
1.0.2: works with weepeetv latest (20130315) website changes
1.0.1: same as 20130305
20130305: small bugfixes, works with weepeetv latest updates
20130125: support weepeetv new JSON pages (older versions are obsolete and will not work anymore)
20130121a: mxplayer pro fixed
20130121: add channel previews (requires 10MB extra diskspace)
20130114: add channel guide to longclick
20130113: update for new weepeetv pages, timelimit removed


  • is a simple screenscaper perl script which logs in on the WeepeeTV site and creates an XML containing the necessary m3u8 stream URLS. This XML can be used to feed other applications on your local network e.g. for use with VLC (see weepeetv.lua)
  • weepeetv.lua  is addon for VLC which uses the wptv.xml created by
  • with you can record weepeetv streams, more info

More info & source on

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